4 in 10 children in Greece at risk of poverty or social exclusion

By Georgia Logothetis, Managing Director, HALC

On Universal Children’s Day, Eurostat has released some grim statistics on the state of children in Greece. Some four in 10 children in Greece (37.5%) are at risk of poverty or social exclusion (Eurostat defines this as meaning that “the children were living in households with at least one of the following three conditions: at-risk-of-poverty after social transfers (income poverty), severely materially deprived or with very low work intensity.”)

Greece not only has the third highest rate but it also saw the largest year-to-year increase.

Organizations like SOS Children’s Villages Greece play a key role in helping children. Over the years, HALC has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages Greece to raise over a quarter million dollars, all of which went directly to programing and facilities to help improve the lives of these at-risk children. More needs to be done, by all of us, to help these families.

This Thanksgiving season, we encourage you to donate to a charity of your choice, whether it’s SOS Children’s Villages Greece, Smile of the Child, or any other reputable organization that is making a difference in the lives of these children. Together, we can make clear that these children are not forgotten.

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