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If we are to make real progress on the issues that matter most to our community, it’s crucial that we have elected officials who are educated about those issues. Help us find out where your representative stands by contacting Congress today.

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RT @NickBarnets: A Syriza-Ind.Greeks-Potami coalition could give strengthen #Tsipras' negotiating power when his gov't faces the #Troika #G
RT @EfiEfthimiou: #Greece 97.22% of totalSyriza 36.35(149)ND 27.80(76)GolDawn 6.28(17)Potami 6.06(17)KKE 5.49(15)IndGr 4.74(13)Pasok
@BloombergAthens: Samarass Undoing Followed Fast on Praise From Merkel http://t.co/MjewOhS3sq Germany's leadership loses BIG...