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How ancient Greeks influenced America’s founding fathers

Thursday, July 4, 2013  | 

Historian and professor Carl J. Richard wrote the book — literally — on how America’s founding fathers were heavily influenced by Greek and Roman cultures. Earlier this year, Profressor Richard gave a detailed speech on just how much Greek and Roman history shaped the creation of the United States of America. You can view the whole speech here. Here are some excerpts from his speech that every Greek American should appreciate on this Independence Day:


1.  America’s founding fathers were inspired by Hellenic and Roman history.



2.  They knew how to read and write Greek.


3.  They studied the courage of Greeks against stronger and better prepared opponents.


4.  They looked to Greek history of overcoming insurmountable odds and compared it to their own fight.


5.  They learned what worked and didn’t work from Greek democracy.


6.  They appreciated the values of community as well as honor that defined Sparta.


7.  They wanted to emulate their Greek heroes.

8.  They learned important lessons from Greek history, lessons we can still study today.

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