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OXI Day: When editorials boards stood in awe of Greece

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In commemoration of OXI Day this week, HALC will bring you content highlighting the courage, bravery, and life of Greeks during the war.

The headlines about Greece have been dreary these last several years, but here’s a flashback to a time when newspaper editorial boards across the country stood in awe of Greece’s strength. These editorials were written contemporaneously with Greece’s resistance during WWII. Above is a word cloud of these and other editorials of the the time. Their praise certainly paints a beautiful picture…

The New York Times: “A Threat to Greece”:

“…The Heroic Greek resistance changed the whole climate of the war.”

They administered the first real defeat on land to the forces of the Axis. They destroyed the myth of Axis invinicibilty.”

Even if the worst should now happen, and the odds against the Greeks should at last prove greater than mortal men can withstand, the record of Greek courage in this day will be a beacon to give heart and courage to free men everywhere.”


The Philadelphia Enquirer: “The Glory that is Greece”

The epic valor of the Greeks in Driving back the Italian invaders together with Britain’s stalwart resistance to Hitler’s crushing blows, has given new meaning to human courage in war.”


Providence Journal: “What Greece Has Accomplished”

The immeasurable value of Greece’s remarkable fight is the opportunity it has given England for an offensive in the Mediterranean.”


New York Herald Tribune: “The Spirit of Hellas”

“…the extent of the Italian defeat seems to be far greater than the somewhat laconic communiqués have admitted.”

Quote about women: “the actions of a handful of determined peasant women rolling rocks on the heads of retreating Italians are easily magnified into the tales of modern Amazons.”

The repulse of a large and thoroughly equipped Italian force by a small band of Greeks assumes the proportion of a modern Thermopylae.”

After a year in which the people of one country after another have yielded almost with despair, the Greeks have clung on with hope and even optimism. In so doing they have won the admiration of the world”


Providence Journal: “The Greeks Go On”

The Greeks are spiritually strong…”

its is a courageous decision, and it will give the British new courage and the world new hope.”


Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, “Victory Over Tyranny”

The valiant struggle of Greece against aggression and the triumphs of her defenders in the face of enormous odds have thrilled the friends of democracy throughout the world.”

It is appropriate that Greece, of all nations, should point the way to victory over tyranny.”

In her mountain passes a few ancient heroes turned back the conquering hordes of a strong invader. Today modern Greeks on crags and peaks amid mountain grandeur stand firm against oppression.”


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Gloomy Days for the Duce”

on Mussolini, swaggering imitator of the Caesars, humiliations rain thick and fast. The attack on Greece, planned as a cheap and easy victory, is turned into defeat by the intended victim’s astounding resistance.”


The Galveston Daily News: “For Freedom and Decency”

It will be impossible to compensate the people of Greece in full for the sufferings they have endured.”

No act of aggression in the long series committed by the Axis powers was more devoid of moral justification than the attack on Greece.”

Greece set the world an example of courage and integrity. It must not and will not be forgotten when the time comes to restore a sane international order.”


The New York Times: “The Fighting Greeks”

But New Yorkers who know the Greeks in New York will bear witness to the fact that the Grecian people have qualities of toughness and endurance, of the will to survive, which unquestionably have contributed to the persistence of their defenses to date.”

Let no man think that the Greeks of today are any less brave than the Greeks of old, that because Greece never regained the glories of its golden age, her people have degenerated.”

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