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OXI Day: 10 iconic images of Greece during WWII

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On October 28th, millions around the world will commemorate OXI Day, a day honoring Greece’s courageous resistance during WWII.  The Washington OXI Day Foundation lays out the events of this historic date:

The free world watched as one by one countries across Europe surrendered to Hitler’s Axis forces. At 3:00 a.m. on October 28, 1940, a representative of the Axis forces arrived at the Greek prime minister’s residence and demanded Greece’s surrender. The prime minister replied with one single word – Oxi – No.

A few hours later, the Axis forces descended on Greece, expecting that it would quickly fall, but the Greek resistance forced Hitler to change his plans. News of Greece’s victory flooded the radio airwaves and covered the front pages of newspapers around the globe. A grateful world celebrated – no one expected such a small nation to derail the seemingly unstoppable Axis forces.

Leading up to OXI Day, HALC will bring you content highlighting the courage, bravery, and life of  Greeks during the war. We’re kicking off our series with 10 iconic images of Greece in WWII. You can email us your suggestions or submit photos of your own at contact@hellenicleaders.com.


1.  “Greek Soldier”, LIFE magazine front cover, December 16th, 1940

life cover life evzone cover

source: LIFE Magazine

2.  Nazis raising the flag at the Acropolis

Nazi occupiers raise their flag at the Acropolis.

Source: German Federal Archives/Wikipedia

3.  “A Greek solider holds his little daughter in his arms”

A Greek soldier holding his little daughter in his arms

Source: Library of Congress

4.  Greek soldiers charge in the snow


Source: militaryphotos.net

5.  Greek soldiers on the frontlines 


6.  Women during the Battle of Crete

crete women

7.  German paratroopers descend on Crete

German paratroopers decend on Crete


8.  A company of men has set up its office between the columns (Doric) of an ancient Greek temple of Neptune, built about 700 B.C.

ancient greek temple of neptune ww2

Source: National Archives

9.  A soldier takes position in the rugged Greek mountainside


Source: greekmilitary.net

10.  “Greece Fights On” by E. McKnight Kauffer

Greece fights on



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