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Best & Worst of the Week Nominees

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Continuing HALC’s “Best & Worst” of the week series, here are the nominees for this week. Every Friday, HALC’s Facebook community votes on who should win each category. The results are announced on our Facebook page every Monday. The nominees are:


1.    Bill Clinton

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton visited Greece this week as part of a campaign aimed at reversing Greece’s economic crisis and reversing its negative image. The Hellenic Initiative program is comprised of a wide array of successful Greek professionals in the diaspora who have come together to raise $100 million to help Greek charity groups:

 “Hellenic Initiative is a non-profit organization which aims at improving the quality of life of the Greek people during the crisis,” the organizers said. They added, “We will focus on administering help to Greek families for medical treatment and social welfare and to organizations that fight poverty. Time is pressing, that is why we are immediately starting the humanistic campaign for Greece,”

Clinton is also due in Cyprus this Saturday to deliver a lecture on the economic crisis at European University.

For visiting Greece and Cyprus during these dire times and for giving his time and support to their charities and students, Bill Clinton takes the top spot on this week’s Best of the Week nominee list.

2.    Yorgos Stylianou

British Cypriot entrepreneur Yorgos Stylianou has established British Interstellar Space Exploration (BISE), a company whose aim is to make commercial space flight more affordable.  Stylianou is now creating a sister company in Cyprus, which is forecasted to help start Cyprus’ space travel program:

 “This will create several hundred jobs and put Cyprus on the international map for space activities… we have not as yet spoken to any Cypriot government officials about heading a Cyprus Space Agency, but are looking to do so soon,” Stylianou said.


For creating job opportunities and jump-starting Cyprus’s space tourism industry, Yorgos Stylianou is nominated as HALC’s Best of the Week.


3.  Elena Pirillou and Ugfe Kuyucuoglu

Greek Cypriot Elena Pirillou and Turkish Cypriot Ugfe Kuyucuoglu are putting their differences aside and are “building a bridge to peace.” The sixteen-year-olds are part of the Cyprus Friendship Program where they are spending a summer volunteering in Portland:

 “We aren’t taking a huge step here, but we are hoping to get back some of that community feeling between the Turkish and Greek speakers,” Kuyucuoglu says.

For encouraging Turks and Greeks to establish better relations and turning the Cypriot cultural misconception around, Elena Pirillou and Ugfe Kuyucuoglu land the final slot in our Best of the Week list.

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1.    U.S. Olympic Committee

The U.S. Olympic Committee is forcing a 30-year-old gyro restaurant in Philadelphia to change its name.  The “Olympic Gyro” received a notice to cease-and-desist, demanding deletion of the word “Olympic” from the eatery’s title.

Olympic Gyro’s owner Athens Voulgaridis has grown very attached to the name and can’t believe he now has to rename his store after being in business for over three decades:

” For them to take something that is Greek and make it theirs for money is frustrating,” Voulgaridis said. “‘Olympic’ has been around forever; you can’t just buy a name. They don’t have a right to do that, but I’m not going to fight the government.”

For forcing a small Greek establishment to change its name, the U.S. Olympic Committee is easily this week’s First Worst of the Week nominee.


2.     Political Groups Demonizing Greece

Numerous organizations and political action committees are using Greece as their sounding board for their media campaigns against U.S. President Barack Obama. Large billboards vilifying Greece are popping up along major highways across America.

A shadowy group in Nebraska called Rock N Roll LLC put up a billboard in Omaha, Nebraska that asks “Want to be like Greece? Vote Democrat.” 

For demonizing Greece on billboards across the U.S., these groups are a Worst of the Week nominee.


3.    The Republic of Turkey

Turkish fighter plans violated Cyprus’ airspace today during their celebrations for the 1974 invasion.  The same team participated in 21 artillery shootings that were illegally attended by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay.

Under the title “F16’s created enthusiasm in the Cyprus skies”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper reported that the “Solo Turk” team of the Turkish Air Force flew low in the skies of the occupied area of Cyprus. Several warships will also anchor in occupied Kyrenia’s harbor, violating territorial water laws. 

For “celebrating” the 38th anniversary of its invasion of Cyprus with a show of military force, Turkey takes the final slot on HALC’s Worst of the Week list.

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