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A New Definition of Citizenship

Our country and our community face unprecedented challenges.  Those challenges have become harder to address by the lack of confidence that presently exists in our government and corporate leaders.  Civic leadership is needed more than ever.

HALC was founded with a commitment to such civic leadership.  HALC will utilize a national network of Greek American community leaders who have distinguished themselves in American civic life to encourage an active form of citizenship.

Through its innovative leadership training curriculum, online advocacy tools, and national network, HALC will band together American citizens that are committed to the Hellenic and American ideals of democracy, rule of law, and philanthropy.

Our Mission Statement

The Hellenic American Leadership Council is hereby established to chart a new course for the Greek-American community: to ensure the continuity of a distinct and distinguished Greek- American community; to promote a renewed commitment to civic involvement, human rights and democratic values in the United States and around the world; and to enhance the historic relationship between the United States and worldwide Hellenism.

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