Voices from Greece

Monday, June 29, 2015  | 
Our Voices from Greece round up last week focused on the growing resentment and discord in the Greek society. Unfortunately, the developments of the past few days took this systemic...

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Cyprus Peace Process Roundup

Saturday, June 27, 2015  | 
Compared to the the debt negotiations reaching a fever pitch in Greece, it has been a comparatively uneventful week in terms of the Cyprus peace process. UN Special Advisor for Cyprus...

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Greece’s debt crisis: Down to the wire

Thursday, June 25, 2015  | 
By definition, compromise doesn’t mean absolute capitulation. Yet, as Greece again reaches another make-or-break moment with its eurozone creditors, that’s apparently what Greece’s creditors are demanding from a depressed economy...

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Greece is more than the latest headlines of the day. While the European financial crisis has dominated newspapers across the world, the importance of Greece reaches far beyond economics. Greece is a key strategic ally of the United States and Hellenism plays a vital role in our civic society. Learn more →
RT @YiannisMouzakis: He did not manage to get a deal in 5 months, he will get it quickly after he rejects their proposal which is off the t
#Tsipras trying to convince people that he has gained leverage. #LaLaLand https://t.co/VEIhpVXC9d